Snowy Range Wildflowers

August 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This was a quick overnight trip to the Snowy Range just west of Laramie, WY.  The wildflowers were numerous and in good shape, with several scenic opportunities.

Snowy Range 140731-2518 G11Snowy Range 140731-2518 G11 Snowy Range 140731-9882 5DSnowy Range 140731-9882 5D Snowy Range 140731-9867 5DSnowy Range 140731-9867 5D

There were also moose in the area, and very dark skies with almost no light pollution, which allowed good shots of the Milky Way.

Snowy Range 140731-6604 7DSnowy Range 140731-6604 7D Snowy Range 140731-9937 5DSnowy Range 140731-9937 5D

It got quite cold overnight, which made for good frost shots on the flowers.

Snowy Range 140801-6631 7DSnowy Range 140801-6631 7D Snowy Range 140801-6661 7DSnowy Range 140801-6661 7D

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