Grand Canyon South Rim

May 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

During April, we visited the Grand Canyon South Rim for the first time in over 30 years.  The weather is comfortable at this time of the year, although the temperature can be quite cold at dawn with a strong wind at the canyon rim.  As an added benefit, the crowds are more manageable at this time of year. 

Our introduction to the Canyon was a walk along the Rim Trail.

Grand Canyon 150421-9196Grand Canyon 150421-9196

We were able to visit several of the named viewpoints along the rim, all of which have a spectacular views of the vast canyon.  These views are especially good during the "golden hours" at sunrise and sunset.  The canyon walls take on different colors with the changes in light direction and intensity.

Grand Canyon 150420-9186Grand Canyon 150420-9186

Grand Canyon Yavapai SunriseGrand Canyon Yavapai Sunrise

Grand Canyon Desert ViewGrand Canyon Desert View

Grand Canyon Mather Sunrise 3Grand Canyon Mather Sunrise 3

Grand Canyon Lipon Pt Sunrise 4Grand Canyon Lipon Pt Sunrise 4

We were lucky to have a rain storm during our visit, which resulted in dramatic storm light over the canyon from Yavapai Point.

Grand Canyon Yavapai Storm 4Grand Canyon Yavapai Storm 4

The vast size of the canyon is difficult to capture in two-dimensional photos, but adding people to the photo can help to give a sense of the enormous dimensions.

Grand Canyon Powell VistaGrand Canyon Powell Vista Grand Canyon Powell SpectatorsGrand Canyon Powell Spectators

To see more images from this trip, please visit the Grand Canyon South Rim gallery at

Our plan is to visit the North Rim later in the summer to capture the dramatic potential of the monsoon season.

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Personally I like the captions. They add both a sense of where the location is as well as personalizing the photo ie...time of day, viewpoint, etc..
In 1985, we had ridden the 1978 Suzuki GS1000 all the way from Greenville, OH on a 15 day ride/camping trip. With that heightened awareness that one gets from "driving for oneself and the other driver", we were totally unable to get up to the edge. After about fifteen minutes we confessed to each other that we were feeling very insecure so we scedaddled for Zion where we were on the bottom looking up to the top rather than on the top looking down to the bottom!!
Your ability to capture the vastness and awesome display is unsurpassed. Kudos!
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