Utah 2017-03

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Utah 2017-03


Mesa Arch Milky Way & Moonrise

After several months without any photo travel, I decided to visit the southeast corner of Utah and the northwest corner of New Mexico to photograph the red rocks and night skies.


To see more photos from this trip, please visit the Utah 2017-03 location gallery here.  Click on any image below to see a larger version.


I started my visit by driving along the Colorado River on the Colorado Riverway Scenic Parkway just outside Moab, Utah.  This drive at river level gives a dramatic view of the bluffs and buttes carved by the river.

Moab 170323-2614Moab 170323-2614 Colorado Riverway Bluff 2614

Moab 170323-0750Moab 170323-0750 Fisher Towers 0750


Moab 170324-6992Moab 170324-6992

Colorado Riverway Stars 6992



From Moab, it's a short drive to Canyonlands National Park, where you view the canyons carved by the Green River and Colorado River from the mesa above.  The canyons are immense and cover hundreds of square miles of fantastic shapes.

Moab 170326-2708Moab 170326-2708 Canyonlands Sunset 2708

Moab 170323-2472Moab 170323-2472 Shafer Point Virga 2472


Canyonlands NP has very dark skies, which makes it possible to get an excellent view of the starry firmament.

Moab 170325-07271Moab 170325-07271

Green River Overlook Stars 07271


From Canyonlands, I drove southeast to Shiprock & Bisti Wilderness.  Shiprock in northwest New Mexico is an ancient volcanic spire that is sacred to the Navajo.  It can be seen for over 50 miles in all directions.  Bisti Wilderness is a remote area of dry washes and strange hoodoos just south of Farmington, NM.  I plan to visit this area again after dark to capture stary skies above these strange formations.

Moab 170327-0831Moab 170327-0831 Shiprock 0831

Moab 170327-2807Moab 170327-2807 Bisti Hoodoos 2807


My final step on this trip was a drive through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  Here, the Colorado River has carved massive canyons before being bottled up by the Glen Canyon Dam to form Lake Powell.  The juxtaposition of red rock canyons and snow-covered mountains is striking.

Glen Canyon 170328-2852Glen Canyon 170328-2852 Glen Canyon Pillar & Mountains 2852


The Colorado Plateau continues to offer great vistas and pleasant surprises.  To see more photos from this trip, please visit the Utah 2017-03 gallery here.   


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