Christina Vojta(non-registered)
Exquisitely beautiful photos! I admire all the care and attention in each of your compositions. I particularly liked the collections of Birds, Animals, and Night Sky. Truly stunning. Glad to have met you in the Valley of the Gods!
Billie Jo Hopka(non-registered)
I've been watching for your Snowy Range Night Skies. I wanted to see the result of your efforts. Nice work! Standing and waiting in the cold is worth it. Spending those two nights with you on Sand Lake where intriguing.
Bill Gulley - Red Cedar Drive(non-registered)
Wonderful photos. I love the plant and vegetable photos where you got the exposure perfect so they have a glowing quality. You also have some great animal photos and the ultimate hummingbird photo, excellent Milky Way photos
Steve Victor(non-registered)
Amazing. You have truly captured the beauty of nature. Please continue to share.
Robert Zeh(non-registered)
Great Views Mike
Wow! Stunning was the first word that came to my mind. I hope you are enjoying this work as much as I am enjoying it! Hope all is well with you and yours.
Linda Allen(non-registered)
Stunning! Breathtaking! Creative!

Beautiful talent that the world is now aware of. Thank you Mike!

Warm regards,
Cordell Moon(non-registered)
Mike, your photos continue to amaze and inspire me. Thanks for sharing these.

When were you in Idaho? I love the Stanley Lake shots (lots of childhood memories).
Terri Thorson(non-registered)
Sandy Aldern(non-registered)
Mike, you have taken my breath away! Absolutely amazing! You truly have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with us. Blessings to you! And keep on snapping! :-)
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