Nature offers us scenes that can be bold or subtle, with magnificent panoramas and intimate details.

My goal is to capture those scenes in  fine art nature photographs that people can connect with emotionally, bringing the beauty of wild places, wildlife, and wildflowers into homes and public places.




I have been involved with photography for over forty years.  During most of that time, a career in program management with high-tech companies took me around the world and moved my family throughout the United States.  Over the past ten years, nature photography became a bigger focus, until it finally became a full-time pursuit.

I now live in Northern Colorado to be close to the grandeur of the Rocky Mountain West, where my photography takes me to breathtaking places and allows me to share these experiences through my photos.  These images include a wide range of locations and subjects, including mountains and deserts, skies and stars, wildflowers and wildlife.

I capture these images using photo equipment to match the subject matter, then refine and optimize the images to accentuate their emotional impact and to accurately convey what I experience in the field.  These images are shared in Location and Subject galleries on this website.

In order to share the stories of my photo adventures, this website also includes a Blog where each entry describes the locations I visited, the subjects I found, and includes example photos from the trip.

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