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Colorado Fall Foliage 2017-10

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Southern Mountains 171003-3399 5DSouthern Mountains 171003-3399 5D

This year, I made three trips to the Colorado high country to photograph the fall colors, with some additional opportunities to capture some starry nightscapes.  My plan was to follow the fall color change from North to South, catching the peak color in each area.

To see more photos from these trips, please visit the Colorado Fall Foliage 2017-10 location gallery here.  Click on any image below to see a larger version.

I started this Fall season in Colorado’s northern mountains around Steamboat Springs.  I camped along Buffalo Pass Road and took several photos of the Milky Way, but the light pollution from the town of Steamboat Springs washed out some of the dark sky.  As I was shooting, a car drove by and illuminated the aspens along the road, leading to a very different photo. 


Northern Mountains 170916-08643 ILCE-7SNorthern Mountains 170916-08643 ILCE-7S

Headlights and Starlight


I moved on to Hahn’s Peak Lake, where the weather closed in, and then to Rocky Mountain National Park.  RMNP was more crowded than I expected for mid-September, but the crowds were gone when I shot the Milky Way above Bear Lake and Sprague Lake.  Shooting in different directions gave different amounts of light pollution from Estes Park, and different colors in the night sky


Northern Mountains 170918-7665 6DNorthern Mountains 170918-7665 6D

Bear Lake Milky Way

Northern Mountains 170918-7709 6DNorthern Mountains 170918-7709 6D

Sprague Lake Milky Way


On my second trip, the fall color was better in the central mountains around Crested Butte.

Central Mountains 170924-5001 X-T1Central Mountains 170924-5001 X-T1 Central Mountains 170923-4916 X-T1Central Mountains 170923-4916 X-T1

Central Mountains 170924-3304 5DCentral Mountains 170924-3304 5D

Central Mountains 170922-3255 5DCentral Mountains 170922-3255 5D


I also found a couple wildlife subjects.  Driving down from Lake Irwin, I was surrounded by a family of moose, the bull, cow and two calves, but only the bull was willing to pose for me.  Just outside of Gothic, I saw a fox carrying his lunch along the road, and he was kind enough to drop his meal and give me a smile.

Central Mountains 170925-1684 7DCentral Mountains 170925-1684 7D

Central Mountains 170925-5101 X-T1Central Mountains 170925-5101 X-T1


My third trip was to the southern mountains between Ridgway and Cortez, where the fall color was on full display. 

Southern Mountains 171003-3435 5DSouthern Mountains 171003-3435 5D

Southern Mountains 171004-1922 7DSouthern Mountains 171004-1922 7D

Southern Mountains 171005-1961 7DSouthern Mountains 171005-1961 7D

Southern Mountains 171001-3335 5DSouthern Mountains 171001-3335 5D


Part of this trip was a drive on Last Dollar Road between Ridgway and Telluride.  There is a sign at the north end of this road warning about very slick mud when wet, but I have driven this road many times without any problems.  But this trip was different.  After an overnight snow and early morning melting, the road surface was wet with frozen soil below, and about a mile of the steep downhill slope was as slick as grease.  My sole focus as I fish-tailed down this section was making it down alive.

The fall color display in the Colorado mountains is always a pleasure to behold.  To see more photos from these trips, please visit the Colorado Fall Foliage 2017-10 location gallery here

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