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Redwoods Parks & Southwest Oregon 2017-06

July 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

Redwoods 2017-06 170630-3703Redwoods 2017-06 170630-3703

Crater Lake 2017-06 170702-3787Crater Lake 2017-06 170702-3787

Our long-distance photo trip for 2017 was to the Redwoods parks of northern California and the southwestern corner of Oregon, including Crater Lake National Park.

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the Redwoods 2017-06 and Southwest Oregon 2017-06  location galleries here and here.  Click on any image below to see a larger version.

Our first destination was the Redwood state and national parks in northern California.  Our itinerary took us through Wyoming, Idaho and western Oregon to the tiny hamlet of Klamath, California on the Yurok Indian reservation.  From there, we visited several parks to see groves of massive redwoods.  These trees are nothing like the trees in other areas, including the Sequoia trees further south.

Redwoods 2017-06 170629-3601Redwoods 2017-06 170629-3601

Redwoods 2017-06 170629-3637Redwoods 2017-06 170629-3637

Redwoods 2017-06 170630-3698Redwoods 2017-06 170630-3698


Just north of the parks in Crescent City, we found some poppies that are an attractive alternative to the wildflowers of the Rockies

Redwoods 2017-06 170701-1055Redwoods 2017-06 170701-1055

Redwoods 2017-06 170701-1067Redwoods 2017-06 170701-1067


From the Redwoods, we drove north to Crater Lake National Park.

Crater Lake 2017-07 170701-3776Crater Lake 2017-07 170701-3776


Although the park was open, half of the Rim Drive was still snow-bound and the holiday crowds often overwhelmed the roads and parking lots.  Even with the crowds and closed trails, the park did offer some very scenic views, including starry night skies above Wizard Island.

Crater Lake 2017-06 170702-07879Crater Lake 2017-06 170702-07879


Because we visited the park during the July Fourth weekend, the crowds were more than we wanted, so we opted to look instead for waterfalls along the Umpqua River and covered bridges in the Cottage Grove area

Oregon 2017-06 170703-3852Oregon 2017-06 170703-3852

Oregon 2017-06 170703-3888Oregon 2017-06 170703-3888


Oregon 2017-06 170704-3894Oregon 2017-06 170704-3894

Oregon 2017-06 170704-3915Oregon 2017-06 170704-3915

Our visits to the Redwood groves and the area around Cottage Grove left us looking forward to return visits for more exploration and more photos . 

To see additional photos from this trip, please visit the Redwoods 2017-06 and Southwest Oregon 2017-06 location galleries here and here.

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