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Southern Utah Visit

June 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This June visit included the iconic canyon country National Parks of Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef.  These parks exemplify the stark beauty of the southwest, and this trip reinforced my fascination with the red rock country of the Colorado Plateau.  

Zion NP and Bryce Canyon NP are relatively close together in southwestern Utah, and both show the beauty and power of natural erosion, but they are very different viewing experiences.  In Zion, one views the power of the Virgin River from the bottom of the canyon with sheer cliff faces rising over one thousand feet above.

Zion 140603-8023 20DZion 140603-8023 20D Zion Afternoon 140605-6347 7DZion Afternoon 140605-6347 7D

Bryce Canyon is higher in elevation, and shows a different geological layer of sandstone.  This canyon is largely the result of freeze-thaw erosion, which creates "hoodoos" instead of canyons.  This canyon gives spectacular views from both the rim and the bottom.

Bryce Canyon from the rim Bryce Canyon 140607-8849 5DBryce Canyon 140607-8849 5D

Both parks have very dark skies with little light pollution, and offer excellent opportunities for night photography.

5D Bryce Canyon Milky Way 140607-00265D Bryce Canyon Milky Way 140607-0026

Zion Milky Way 140606-8507 5DZion Milky Way 140606-8507 5D

Capitol Reef gives another view of the geology of the Colorado Plateau, showing the western edge of Waterpocket Fold.  This giant wrinkle in the earth made east-west travel difficult for early pioneers and made this area one of the last in the lower 48 states to be settled.

5D Capitol Reef 140610-92645D Capitol Reef 140610-9264

5D Capitol Reef 140610-92805D Capitol Reef 140610-9280

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