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Rabbit Ears Pass

August 19, 2014  •  2 Comments

After two trips that could have had stronger wildflowers, this trip hit the flower jackpot.  The east summit of Rabbit Ears Pass had some of the better concentrations of flowers that I have seen, all in peak condition.  There was such a profusion of great blossoms that it was difficult to decide what to shoot next.

Rabbit Ears Pass 140807-6932 7DRabbit Ears Pass 140807-6932 7D Rabbit Ears Pass 140806-6741 7DRabbit Ears Pass 140806-6741 7D













Rabbit Ears Pass 140806-6707 7DRabbit Ears Pass 140806-6707 7D

Rabbit Ears Pass 140806-0029 5DRabbit Ears Pass 140806-0029 5D Rabbit Ears Pass 140808-6957 7DRabbit Ears Pass 140808-6957 7D   Rabbit Ears Pass 140808-6966 7DRabbit Ears Pass 140808-6966 7D























To see more of the photos from this trip, please visit the gallery at http://www.mikebucherphotography.com/p187726469




Linney Allen(non-registered)
I opened this page today to see the most exquiste flowere. They truly touched my soul.
Thank you for this gift that you shared with us.

God bless you,
Bev Poos(non-registered)
The flowers are so vibrant and beautiful. I love these photos. I am sure glad you kept up your flower quest until you hit this jackpot.
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