Mike Bucher Photography, LLC | San Juan Mountains 2015-09

San Juan Mountains 2015-09

November 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

A trip to the San Juan Mountains to view and photograph the fall color in the high country has become an annual pilgrimage for me, and this year’s trip was very productive.

In addition to many great fall displays, this trip included an opportunity to photograph the total eclipse of the Supermoon.  To read about that experience, please click here.

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the San Juan Mountains 2015-09 location gallery here.  Click on any image below to see a larger version.

This trip started in the Elk Mountains at McClure Pass and continued south through the West Elk range to the famous aspen groves of Kebler Pass

San Juans 150927-6375 5D FFFSan Juans 150927-6375 5D FFF

San Juans 150928-6448 5D FFFSan Juans 150928-6448 5D FFF

San Juans 150928-0291 5D 0E0San Juans 150928-0291 5D 0E0

San Juans 150928-0297 5D 0E0San Juans 150928-0297 5D 0E0


I camped at Lost Lake campground and watched as a small fox caught his dinner then curled up for a nap.

San Juans 150928-9137 7D 4FDSan Juans 150928-9137 7D 4FD

The Cimarron Mountains put on a spectacular color display around Silver Jack Reservoir

San Juans 150929-0475 5D 0E0San Juans 150929-0475 5D 0E0

San Juans 150929-6896 5D FFF-HDRSan Juans 150929-6896 5D FFF-HDR


The San Juans showed excellent color everywhere from Ridgway to Cortez and Durango.

San Juans 150930-0505 5D 0E0San Juans 150930-0505 5D 0E0

San Juans 150930-6934 5D FFFSan Juans 150930-6934 5D FFF

San Juans 151001-7048 5D FFFSan Juans 151001-7048 5D FFF

San Juans 151001-7058 5D FFFSan Juans 151001-7058 5D FFF


As usual, the mountain skies always put on a great show

San Juans 150928-0322 5D 0E0San Juans 150928-0322 5D 0E0

San Juans 150930-0559 5D 0E0San Juans 150930-0559 5D 0E0

San Juans 151003-0781 5D 0E0San Juans 151003-0781 5D 0E0


To see more photos from this trip, please visit the San Juan Mountains 2015-09 location gallery here

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