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Black Hills 2016-11

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Black Hills 161125-2019 X-T1Black Hills 161125-2019 X-T1 Badlands panorama

We took a Thanksgiving vacation to Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  This trip included the Norbeck Scenic Byway through the Black Hills and a side trip to Badlands National Park.

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the Black Hills 2016-11 location gallery here.  Click on any image below to see a larger version.

On the first night in the park, I got a chance to try out my new Vixen star tracker to shoot the night sky.  This device allows the camera to follow the rotation of the earth and keeps the stars as points of light, even with a telephoto lens and two minute exposures.  The results show real promise.

Black Hills 161123-6826 6DBlack Hills 161123-6826 6D Stars at State Game Lodge


We were able to get some close-up shots of bighorn sheep and bison, and in some cases the animals were almost too close for comfort.

Black Hills 161125-0681 7DBlack Hills 161125-0681 7D

Black Hills 161125-0662 7DBlack Hills 161125-0662 7D

Black Hills 161124-0627 7DBlack Hills 161124-0627 7D

The geologic formations in the Badlands are truly fantastic, with layers of different colors and incredible eroded shapes.

Black Hills 161125-2362 5DBlack Hills 161125-2362 5D

Black Hills 161125-2013 X-T1Black Hills 161125-2013 X-T1

Finally, we took a short side trip to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, one of the most patriotic locations in the western U.S.

Black Hills 161126-2041 X-T1Black Hills 161126-2041 X-T1

Black Hills 161126-2043 X-T1Black Hills 161126-2043 X-T1

This trip provided a pleasant holiday getaway with several good photo opportunities.

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the Black Hills 2016-11 location gallery here.   

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