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American Basin 2015-07

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Late July is wildflower season in the high country of the San Juan Mountains.  I took a six-day camping trip to American Basin and the high basins around Ouray to capture this beauty and found the flowers to be in very good condition.

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the American Basin 2015-07 location gallery here.  Click on any image below to see a larger version.

Spring comes late to American Basin, high in the San Juan Mountains just off of the famous Alpine Loop road.  But when it finally arrives, the flowers in the basin can be spectacular.

American Basin 150727-2908 G11 000American Basin 150727-2908 G11 000 American Basin 150728-3007 G11 000American Basin 150728-3007 G11 000 American Basin 150729-3095 G11 000American Basin 150729-3095 G11 000
American Basin 150728-2996 G11 000American Basin 150728-2996 G11 000 American Basin 150729-5269 5D FFFAmerican Basin 150729-5269 5D FFF

While camping overnight in the American Basin, I captured a moonlight shot of the mountains and a sky full of stars and wind-blown clouds.

American Basin 150728-5246 5D FFFAmerican Basin 150728-5246 5D FFF

The high basins around Ouray were also in great condition, with flowers in profusion

American Basin 150730-3124 G11 000American Basin 150730-3124 G11 000 American Basin 150730-5504 5D FFFAmerican Basin 150730-5504 5D FFF

American Basin 150730-5480 5D FFFAmerican Basin 150730-5480 5D FFF

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the American Basin 2015-07 gallery here.

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