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Grand Canyon North Rim 2015-08

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This solo camping trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim was a follow up our trip to the South Rim in April.  While the two locations are only twelve miles apart as the crow flies, they are quite different experiences.  The South Rim has larger crowds, warmer temperatures, more visitor facilities, and less forest cover.

This trip also included several other iconic locations in Northern Arizona: Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley, and Canyon de Chelly.  Each of these locations offered views of the dramatic canyons and bluffs of the American Southwest.

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the Grand Canyon North Rim 2015-08 location gallery here.  Click on any image below to see a larger version.

The North Rim offers several viewpoints of the canyon, including Cape Royal, Point Imperial, and Bright Angel Point.  These overlooks are especially dramatic at sunrise and sunset, when the low-angled light brings out the texture and color of the canyon walls

North Rim 150824-5781 5D FFFNorth Rim 150824-5781 5D FFF Bright Angel Point

North Rim 150824-5731 5D FFFNorth Rim 150824-5731 5D FFF Point Imperial

North Rim 150823-5717 5D FFFNorth Rim 150823-5717 5D FFF

Cape Royal

Horseshoe Bend just outside of Page, AZ, is a stunning bend in the Colorado River, with sheer canyon walls of over 1000 feet.

Horseshoe Bend 150827-5902 5D FFFHorseshoe Bend 150827-5902 5D FFF

My attempt to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon was thwarted by Mother Nature when she decided to put on a thunderstorm nearby.  The Navajo guides wisely decided that the possibility of a flash flood in the narrow slot canyon outweighed the need for photos.  That location will have to wait for another visit.  But the rainstorm yielded a different kind of photo opportunity.

North Rim 150826-9924 5D 0E0North Rim 150826-9924 5D 0E0

My next destination was Monument Valley, a Navajo Tribal Park that has been the setting of numerous Western movies.

Monument Valley 150827-5990 5D FFFMonument Valley 150827-5990 5D FFF The Mittens Monument Valley 150827-9985 5D 0E0Monument Valley 150827-9985 5D 0E0 North Window

Monument Valley 150827-6030 5D FFFMonument Valley 150827-6030 5D FFF

Sunset Beams Above Merrick Butte


Canyon de Chelly 2015-08-27 7D -8998Canyon de Chelly 2015-08-27 7D -8998


My final destination on this trip was Canyon de Chelly, which has overlooks on both the north and south rims. Like Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado, this canyon was the long-time home of ancestral tribes, who left behind several well-preserved ruins.  The Navajo continue to occupy this canyon.







Canyon de Chelly 150828-6131 5D FFFCanyon de Chelly 150828-6131 5D FFF


One of the more spectacular sights in the canyon is Spider Rock, which according to Navajo legend is the home of Spider Woman.

To see more photos from this trip, please visit the Grand Canyon North Rim 2015-08 gallery here.   

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